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Minister Wang Zhigang Meets with Uruguay Minister of Education and Culture

On April 17, 2018, Wang Zhigang,Minister of Science and Technology, met with Maria Julia Munoz,Uruguay Minister of Education and Culture.
Minister Wang Zhigang Meets with UNIDO Director General Li Yong[2018-07-20]
Minister Wang Zhigang Meets with French Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation[2018-07-19]
China and Bulgaria Sign Intergovernmental Agreement on Sci-tech Cooperation[2018-07-18]
Vice Minister Zhang Jianguo Attends Third S&T Cooperation Committee Meeting of China-Ukraine Intergovernmental Commission[2018-07-10]
Vice Minister Li Meng Attends the 3rd Mission Innovation Smart Grids Workshop[2018-07-06]
Vice Minister Li Meng Visits Greece, Sweden and Denmark[2018-07-06]
2nd APEC-PPSTI APEC Centers Cooperation Conference Held[2018-07-06]
3rd Forum on China-South Asia Technology Transfer and Collaborative Innovation Held in Kunming[2018-07-04]
Vice Minister of Science and Technology Li Meng Attends CEM9 and MI-3[2018-07-03]
37th Session of China-Poland Scientific and Technological Cooperation Committee Held in Beijing[2018-07-03]
Call for Papers for the 4th International Symposium on Soft Science[2006-06-16]
Notice on Issuing the Guidelines for Application of 973 Program in 2006[2006-01-09]
Notice on Collection of Sino-Polish S&T Cooperation Projects[2005-07-18]
Notice on Collection of Sino-Hungarian S&T Cooperation Projects[2005-06-30]
International Training Programs 2004
一码中特 21点10验证
Key International S&T Cooperation Projects
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  • 候选企业:中国石油呼和浩特石化公司 2018-08-11
  • 曼谷车展遇见门罗 电动摩托也能很有范儿 2018-08-11
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