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Minister Wang Zhigang Attends 9th China-Italy STI Week with Italian Minister of Education, Universities and Research Marco Bussetti

The 9th China-Italy Science, Technology & Innovation Week (“STI Week”) was opened in Milan on December 4, 2018. Wang Zhigang, Chinese Minister of Science and Technology, and Marco Bussetti, Italian Minister of Education, Universities and Research addressed the opening ceremony.
Cooperation Initiative on Silk Road of Innovation[2019-04-25]
China-EU Research and Innovation Stakeholders Tour 2019 Launched in Shandong[2019-04-10]
Minister Wang Zhigang Meets with Newly German Ambassador to China[2019-04-03]
Vice Minister Zhang Jianguo Meets with Newly Georgian Ambassador to China[2019-03-22]
Vice Minister Zhang Jianguo Meets with Argentine Secretary of State for Science and Technology Policy[2019-03-21]
DG Ye Dongbai Meets with Cuban Ambassador to China[2019-03-21]
Vice Minister Zhang Jianguo Presents Medal to Professor Isabel Crook on Her 103rd Birthday[2019-03-08]
SAFEA New Year Special Held in Beijing[2019-03-07]
MOST Vice Minister and SAFEA Administrator Zhang Jianguo Meets with Family Members of China Reform Friendship Medal Recipient Werner Gerich[2019-03-06]
MOST Vice Minister and SAFEA Administrator Zhang Jianguo Meets with China Reform Friendship Medal Recipient Alain Merieux[2019-03-05]
Call for Papers for the 4th International Symposium on Soft Science[2006-06-16]
Notice on Issuing the Guidelines for Application of 973 Program in 2006[2006-01-09]
Notice on Collection of Sino-Polish S&T Cooperation Projects[2005-07-18]
Notice on Collection of Sino-Hungarian S&T Cooperation Projects[2005-06-30]
International Training Programs 2004
一码中特 21点10验证
Key International S&T Cooperation Projects
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  • 您要明白的是,如果按照上海市的人口基数2500万计算的话,就算有100万的服务人员,平均每人也要保障25个人的预约服务.人要理性 2019-04-25
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